Because of the evolution of successive and continuing in the areas of engineering and aviation technology, which kept pace with the development of the electronics industry and the computers and the use of satellite navigation and air connections had to be curriculum development and educational programs to keep pace with this development in order to graduate engineering staff qualified in those areas. In order to achieve that, the Institute of Aviation Engineering and Technology to hold a cooperation agreement with the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University to develop regulations, the school and to participate in teaching and supervision of the educational process and exams. The agreement was signed on 12/10/1997.

The study began in accordance with the new school regulation and under this agreement in the academic year 1997/1998 Basemen scientists are:

  • Aviation Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering.

In 2000, the Institute submitted to the Ministry of Higher Education and the request to put the institute under its supervision and has already been issued Ministerial Decree No. 925 of 2000 put Institute of Aviation Engineering and Technology under the Ministry of Higher Education and became admit students through the admissions office coordinating universities and institutes with effect from the academic year 2000 / 2001.

It was the graduation of the first batch of sections of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Electronics and Communications in May 2002 Ministerial Decree No. 53 of 2002 issued by the Supreme Council of Universities equivalency certificate granted by the Institute with a degree granted by the Egyptian universities and under graduates members of the Syndicate of Egyptian engineers.

The ministerial decision was issued to Mr. Prof. Dr. Minister of Higher Education and State for Scientific Research No. 715 for the year 2003 to establish sections:

  • civil engineering
  • architecture

It was included in the admissions office of universities and higher institutes coordinate guide and began to study at the institute in which starting from the academic year 2003/2004

To complete the required disciplines have the Department of Engineering and the Institute of Aviation Technology creates two new sections, namely:

  • Electrical Power and Machines
  • Mechanical engineering

Then after the revolution of January 25 transfer of ownership Institute of the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the Ministry of Higher Education under the decisions of Mr. Prof. Dr. Minister of Higher Education and State for Scientific Research figures for the year 2011.

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