Dean Word

At the beginning of my career as the dean of the Aviation Engineering and Engineering Institute, I would like to communicate with all members of the faculty, staff, administrators and students.

I pledge to all that I work with a continuous effort to upgrade the educational programs, their curricula and their scientific outputs so that the institute has a distinguished position and a high reputation for being the most distinguished and most innovative in the quality of the educational process and supporting the researchers. I will work with all colleagues to provide an appropriate academic environment for the purpose of fostering creativity, excellence and innovation in all fields for the faculty members, the supporting body and the students, and a suitable work environment for the administrative colleagues supporting the educational process. I ask our students to make an effort in their scientific and practical achievement. Research, able to compete in the renewable labor market. It helps in preparing you to take responsibility for the advancement of your great nation Egypt and your community and your family and yourselves.

We ask God to fulfill our hopes for you and your hopes and the hopes of your family and your community. I wish everyone more excellence and grace.


Prof. Abdelkader Abdel Karim Ibrahim